Service, information, advising

We’re part of the AXA Group, a worldwide leader in insurance and financial services. We operate in 59 Countries with over 157,000 employees and 103 million customers.

In many ways, being ‘responsible’ is our business. Our products and services give support and security to our customers. Our goal is to offer you superior customer service..

If something occurs outside of our business hours, AXA will be there to assist you and ensure a 24-hours customer service.

  • Customer care
    (Option 4)
902 404 084
  • Automobile claim
    • Breakdown service
    • Damage report
      (Option 2)
  • 900 300 188
  • 902 404 084
  • Homeowners claim
    • Damage report
      (Option 3)
  • 902 404 084
  • Health insurance
    • Authorization / medical emergency
      (Option 1)
  • 902 404 084
  • Travel assistance
  • +34 933 669 581
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