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Safeguard the financial future of your children

Do you want to ensure that your child’s financial future is taken care of? It’s never too early to start laying the foundation to meet future needs and wants.

AXA offers you solutions tailored to your needs for safeguarding the financial security of your children.
Professional training, education, a car, the first home .... set aside now a reserve which your child can later use to build his own future.

Save monthly, with flexible accessibility, for both the medium- and long-term. The larger the monthly contributions, the more significant is the growth effect. And the longer you save, the better – that’s the bonus savings motto, since for a savings duration of more than 12 months you can benefit from a capital gains tax reduction of up to 75%.
The premium contribution amount depends on several factors including your child’s age, the type of savings plan, maturity, etc.

Invest with AXA in your child’s future.

Use our online inquiry or take advantage of our team’s professional advice and let us make you a tailored offer.

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