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Our cooperation with Baldea (association of animal welfare organizations in the Balearic Islands)

BALDEA is the association of animal welfare organizations in the Balearic Islands, where various associations have come together to save the lives of thousands of animals and advocate for their treatment with dignity and respect.

For this reason, there are various projects carried out at different times, targeting different audiences, and, most importantly, benefiting the animals. On average, BALDEA sterilizes approximately 1,500 stray cats each year in their mobile sterilization vehicle Baldea or in animal clinics.

In 2008, BALDEA received the "JAUME II AWARD" from the Balearic Government, and in 2022, another award from MALLORCA ZEITUNG for their work in animal welfare.

Their mission is:

  • To convince the relevant authorities and society of the importance of sterilizing pets and abandoned animals to drastically reduce the high number of unwanted offspring.
  • To change the current Balearic Animal Welfare Law, which still prevents intervention in "less severe" cases of animal abuse and neglect.
  • To persuade authorities and politicians that animal welfare is a top priority and that animal abuse must be punished.
  • School project: Teach the new generation to treat animals with respect and responsibility.
  • Create areas where dogs and their owners can enjoy spending time, allowing dogs to play and socialize in parks and on the beach, integrating dogs more into the lives of residents.

Since BALDEA relies 100% on donations, this would not be possible without your support! Become a supporting member by signing a contract with ANKE SEVENSTER. Until October 31, ANKE SEVENSTER will donate for every insurance policy or service:

1 policy / 1 service 1 €
Dog Liability Insurance 3 €
Home Insurance 5 €
Electricity contract 5 €
Vehicle Registration 5 €
Life Insurance 10 €
Dependency Insurance 10 €

If you wish, you can also make a donation or become a BALDEA partner at:

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