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Why should I contract an AXA health insurance?

  • AXA is the only health insurance to offer a non-terminable (by Axa) contract, i.e. lifetime contract from the 1st day.
  • 100% coverage of all treatments with no cost limit at contracted hospitals and with contracted physicians (Optima option)
  • 80% reimbursement with world-wide choice of physicians (Optima Plus option)
  • Stable evolution of fees from 36€/month
  • No waiting/deferment period if you change from another private health insurance to AXA
  • General conditions of your private health insurance available in English

General private health insurance guarantees

Exclusive guarantees

of AXA health insurances (Optima and Optima Plus) compared to other insurance companies in Spain:

  • Axa private life health insurance in Spain
  • 100% coverage for authorised internal prosthesis
  • Coverage for traffic and work accidents
  • Coverage for intraocular lens after cataract surgery
  • Laser for otorhinolaryngological operations and gynecological operations; green light laser therapy for prostate operations
  • Radiofrequency therapy for pain treatment
  • Inclusion of newborns and adoptive children (regardless of their health status) during the first 30 days after birth; conservation of cord blood (partial reimbursement)
  • Prevention programme: Early diagnosis of prostate and breast cancer. Evaluation of cardiovascular risk and diagnosis of cancer through blood analysis
  • Psychotherapy (through referral from a psychiatrist);
  • Second medical opinion: the best specialists around the world (USA / Germany / Switzerland,...) will analise your case
  • Policy is automatically extended every year to ensure you always have the most modern medical technology at your disposal: 3D mammography (tomosynthesis), neuromonitoring, endobronchial ultrasound EBUS, negative-pressure wound therapy, light microscopy, TAC DMD
  • Travel insurance up to 15,000 € per person/year, max. stay 60 days
  • Ambulance for emergencies (calling the Axa emergency number)
  • Dental care with AXA contracted doctors: 1 professional dental hygiene treatment per year, 1 check-up per year, radiography and dental extraction
  • See also coverages of basic health insurance package Optima

At the expense of the insured: Drugs (beyond the stay in hospital), external prostheses (orthopedic insoles, seeing and hearing aids, etc.)

The transplant of vital organs is not insurable. It is not covered by the private health insurance, but by state institutions.

We always recommend a personal interview to explain you the differences of the private health insurances, processes and requirements in Spain. 

Private health insurance - OPTIMA

OPTIMA, your health insurance package

100% treatment with no cost limit in contracted hospitals and with contracted specialists, with no prepayment or practice fee

Benefits of your private health insurance in Majorca/Spain:

  • Primary medical examinations by general practitioners, paediatricians and specialists contracted by AXA (without previous referral by the GP, you will find the contracted physicians on our home page www.axa.es)
  • Hospital treatments/stays
  • Medical or surgical, with all AXA contracted clinics and hospitals
  • Direct settlement with AXA contracted doctors (with no additional costs) in all speciality areas
  • Comprehensive list of physicians including English-speaking specialist physicians in Majorca;
  • Over 35,000 contracted physicians across Spain
  • Home emergency service for general and paedriatic medicine (through the AXA emergency telephone number)
  • Stationary hospital stay:
    For an unlimited period of time in a private hospital with single bed and an additional bed for companion (accommodation, drugs and treatment costs included); Psychiatric hospital stay up to 60 days per year
  • Examinations:
    Conventional radiology, ultrasound diagnosis, mammographies, tomographies etc.; special diagnostic techniques (TAC, nuclear magnetic resonance, PET, gamma ray radiographies, endoscopies); pathological anatomy, cardiovascular diagnostic, neurological diagnostic; gynecological diagnostic
  • Treatments:
    Aerosol therapy, oxygen therapy, organ transplants, blood/plasma transfusions, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and radionuclide treatment, pain relief, dialysis and haemodialysis for acute renal failure (up to 10 sessions per year), heart failure surgery, organ transplants or brain vessel conditions, transection of fallopian tubes or spermatic cords
  • Medical care for women:
    Annual checkup, labour or cesarean, including hospital costs and antenatal classes
  • Additional benefits:
    Checkup, aconuresis rehabilitation, locomotor system rehabilitation, logopaedics after surgery, chiropody, diagnostic tests in cases of infertility, prostheses (heart and traumatological prostheses, intraocular lens after cataract surgery, mesh for hernia surgery)
  • Psychology: up to 12 sessions per year (80% refund, max. 20 € per bill)

Private health insurance - OPTIMA PLUS

OPTIMA PLUS, your health insurance package

Includes all Optima benefits plus the following additional benefits:

Benefits of your private health insurance in Mallorca/Spain: all benefits of the Optima health insurance package (without co-payment / direct settlement, etc.) plus excellent additional guarantees:

  • 80% reimbursement with world-wide choice of physicians* and 90% reimbursement * at hospitals in Spain that are not contracted by AXA
  • Exclusive Optima Plus guarantees (full cost coverage at contracted physicians or 80% refund)
    • Physiotherapy after stroke (up to 6 months)
    • Extension of insured prostheses: biological heart valve, esophagus/intestinal prosthesis, multifocal intraocular lens
    • Shock wave therapy for traumatological treatments
    • Coronary calcium score test
    • Laser or microfoam treatment against varices
    • UV-Cross Linking treatment against keratoconus
    • PET for epilepsy diagnosis
    • Bariatric surgery for body mass indexes from 40
    • Refractive surgery (for myopia from 6 dioptres / for astigmatism and hypermetropia from 4 dioptres)
  • Exclusive Optima Plus guarantees (80% refund)
    • Alternative medicine (homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic, ozone therapy)
    • Psychotherapy (up to 20 sessions per year)
    • Suite for labour (80% refund of cost difference)
    • HPV vaccination (cervical cancer vaccination up to 130 €)
    • Coverage extension for radiofrequency
    • Wig during cancer treatments (up to 500 € per year)
  • 100% coverage only at AXA recommended medical centers
    • Artificial insemination– both partners must be insured in one policy. For insurants of up to 42 years of age. Two artificial insemination attempts, one in vitro fertilization attempt
    • Hospital stay in case of eating disorders (up to 60 days per year)

* the following benefits can only be provided by AXA contracted physicians:
- Checkup
- Transection of the fallopian tubes or spermatic cords
- Artificial insemination and hospital stay in cases of eating disorders


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