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Anke Sevenster

Mission, vision and values

Anke Sevenster

Anke Sevenster’s mission /

Understand, advise and satisfy the personal and legacy needs given to us by our clients over the different stages of their lives, thus contributing to their financial security.

Anke Sevenster’s vision /

To be an innovative business, with a solid professional team and state of the art technology to allow us to assess our clients the best way possible.

To be the insurance company that our clients’ choose to trust with their personal and legacy protection necessities.

To be the best and most professional insurance company in the market.

Anke Sevenster’s values /

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Honesty and empathy towards clients

Our employees form a multidisciplinary team of various nationalities and languages thus guaranteeing personalised services that respect each and every client's cultural values. Our services don't include small print, the client will always know each and every single condition and exclusion before contracting our services.
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Our passion for people

We care and we make sure to offer the most beneficial products possible to our clients even over the insurance company's interest. Our objective is to protect our clients and their families.

Responsibility and keeping our word

Personal and legacy protection services require a detailed precision, therefore, we analyse each aspect with thorough care and we cross check it with care and due compliance.
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Continuous improvement

Our essence is about improving and innovating to offer better services, therefore we establish procedures that adapt and update to social, cultural and economic changes. In Anke Sevenster we believe in the importance of continuous training in order to offer a good quality service.
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Team effort, family and professional conciliation

We understand the importance of comprehensive advise to build a better future, therefore we analyse investment projects with experts. We look after our collaborators so that they can share unique moments with their loved ones, in turn allowing them to give a better service to our clients and dealers.
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