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16-12-2016 09:13:51

​10 tips to consider for your Home Insurance

We make sure you are well protected

That is why we have summarized the 10 most important aspects you must consider for your Home Insurance, regarding coverages and what to do in the event of an accident:

1) Make sure the information in your policy is correct: The use of the home may have changed. For example, whether you are the owner or tenant, whether it is your first or second residence. It is important that the declared use corresponds to reality.

2) Make an inventory of the content of your home every certain time: Making an inventory of everything you have at home will allow you to provide a value that is closer to reality and to avoid being underinsured in future.

3) Check your jewellery is declared correctly: In case of accident, if it is not included in your home insurance policy, it could not be covered.

4) Make sure your “special value objects” are insured correctly: As with jewellery, in order to avoid surprises, it is important that they are properly included in your Home Insurance. At AXA we have a special coverage for antiquities and art objects.

5) Family civil liability: most home insurance policies include this coverage. Remember that if you have pets, they must also be included in your policy.

6) Check you have the declared protections against theft: Whether the home has a reinforced door, bars, alarm, etc.

7) What to do in the event of an accident: Take necessary measures to try to minimize the consequences of the accident, let us know about the accident and do not dispose of any vestige until it has been verified. In case of emergency, call 902 40 40 84 and we will send you a technician to repair the damage. From the Anke Sevenster Agency we will keep you informed of the steps to follow in order to resolve your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

8) What is the Insurance Compensation Consortium and what purpose does it serve: It is a public entity that acts as a guarantee fund, in the case of a home insurance, for natural phenomena, terrorism and actions by the Armed and Security Forces. At the Anke Sevenster Agency we manage all your claims to the Consortium.

9) Beneficiary clause for mortgages: When you enter into a mortgage, one of the bank’s conditions is usually the obligation to contract a home and life insurance policy. You do not have to contract your policy with the bank. Our policies offer the possibility of including this beneficiary clause, usually with better conditions than your bank.

10) Contracting online or through a direct sale company does not guarantee the best premium. Not only do they not offer the best premium, but they also have no customer service offices. Any arrangements regarding your policy or eventual accidents must be done through telephone platforms.

What does the Anke Sevenster Agency offer with your home insurance policy?With us, you will have a personal advisor at your disposal for any questions or requests, including the processing and follow-up of your claim from our offices.

If you still don’t have your home insurance policy with us, do not hesitate to request your individual offer here.

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