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The art of insuring

AXA ART is your partner for the financial and cultural protection of art and collection objects. For over 50 years we have been preserving passions – be it valuable paintings, vintage cars, musical instruments, or any other treasured object you can imagine.

Private customers:

With Art, art and collection objects are protected against all risks. In addition, this art insurance offers the combination of competence, professionalism, and understanding for the value of art that is necessary for such a collection.


ArtPLUSwas designed for wealthy private customers who require the highest level of security and service for their international property.

With ArtPLUS, art and collection objects as well as high-quality design, household effects, jewelry, watches, fur coats, luggage, as well as buildings are insured both domestically and abroad against all risks, under one policy. Furthermore, individual insurance concepts for vintage cars, wine collections, musical instruments, and hunting weapons, among others, are offered.

Galleries and art trade

AXA ART has developed an insurance concept that directly addresses the daily needs of galleries and art dealers. This is because unlike in museums, the art in galleries and art dealerships is one thing most of all - frequently moved.

The various partial insurance plans can be combined individually. Additionally, we offer transport insurance, which has to be carried out by a qualified and AXA-approved haulage company.

Use our online inquiry or take advantage of our team’s professional advice and let us make you a tailored offer.

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