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Protection for employees against any unforeseen

Mandatory employee benefits:

In Spain, any written agreement related to working conditions and completed between employers, employer groups, or employer organizations and labor unions is regulated by wage agreements (convenios).

In sectors such as trade, hospitality, commerce, construction, etc., the employer is required to arrange term life or accident insurance for every staff member.

Failure to comply can lead to severe sanctions under labor law and even a penalty of up to €90,151.82 can be imposed.

Optional employee benefits:

For many industries, AXA offers customized and comprehensive insurance protection.

The resulting benefits include:

  • Employee motivation (improved retirement planning, life risk planning, private health insurance, accident insurance, etc.)
  • Tax benefits for the company (deductible premiums)
  • Company is also insurable
  • More affordable premiums for group insurance

In Spain, health insurance is primarily offered for employees, which also presents an added value for the company. Moreover, the premium is deductible for the company, and sick days are reduced through more efficient medical care.

We can provide information about industry-specific benefits. Simply use our online form or arrange a personal consultation.

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