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Increase capital with Investment Funds

An investment is only optimal if it is aligned to financial needs.

AXA offers the opportunity to invest in the best mutual funds on the market. You can choose a fully tailored portfolio according to your risk profile.

Benefits at a glance*:

  • Up to € 6,000 in deposits
  • Selection of investment funds according to investment field, type of investment, and investment region
  • Flexible modification options
  • Additional deposits up to an amount of €3,000
  • Tax benefits
  • Daily information about the status of your investment via AXA WEB
  • Complete or partial availability at any time without additional or per diem fees
  • Selected funds are managed by renowned financial experts
  • Additional capital in the event of death

Asigna guarantees you, the investor, a balance between return, transparency, and flexibility at all times.

We will gladly advise you and create a customized offer for you.

Simply use our online form or arrange a personal consultation.

*Benefits in accordance with AXA terms and conditions.

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