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Invest your money profitabe

Invest in a combined investment solution of „Flexiplus Depósito Flexible“ and „Primaactiva Plus“.

The „Depot Fusion Activa“ is a new formula that combines saving and investing. This combination allows you to earn an interest coupon and at the same time participate in equity market returns.

The combined Depot Fusion Activa at a glance*:

  • Minimum deposit amount of €6,000
  • 100% capital guarantee
  • Preferential annual interest rate of up to 2.35% – guaranteed return until 30.06.2016
  • No administrative charges
  • Additional contributions possible from the first year on
  • Additional windfall in case of death
  • Minimum deposit amount of €6,000
  • Return linked to the investment fund return
  • + interest coupon (if the share value is as high or higher than at contract start)
  • 100% capital protection until maturity
  • No release, deposit, or redemption fees
  • Redeemable at market value free of charges
  • Tax benefits
  • Additional windfall of €600 in case of death

We are pleased to advise you on current conditions, and are available to arrange a bespoke product offer that suits your needs.

Submit an enquiry through our online enquiry form, or contact us to schedule a personal consultation.

*Benefits in accordance with AXA terms and conditions.

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