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Tailored solution for the Management

Management liability insurance is the most important coverage for decision-makers.

Business decisions are always associated with risks. Every day, executives, managers, or boards of directors come to decisions that involve very high sums of money. Did you know that compensation claims can be used against you, and you can be held liable with your personal assets?

And that’s exactly what AXA Management Liability Insurance is for!


  • It protects you and the company against the risks and exposures of running the company
  • Includes legal expense insurance for the best lawyers
  • Automatic coverage for directors, managers, presidents during the execution of duties for the company
  • Uncomplicated contract
  • Claims for damages that occurred prior to the conclusion of the policy are automatically covered. Even claims during establishment of the company
  • Free coverage for damage claims up to 2 years after termination of the policy. The policy provides coverage protection against claims from around the world - with the exception of the USA and Canada.

Although AXA Management Liability Insurance may not protect you from bad decisions, it can protect you from the sometimes high financial consequences.

We offer financial security specially tailored to the needs of executives, should serious mistakes in their professional lives ever arise.

We can provide information about the benefits of AXA Management Liability Insurance. Simply use our online form or arrange a personal consultation.

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