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High-yield with shares

The AXA-Primactiva Plus invests in first-class equities with a 100% capital guarantee.

With the Primactiva Plus you are applying your funds not in the shares of a single company, but rather in a selection of different companies. This increases your chances of profiting. Professional AXA fund managers are tasked with identifying and selecting the companies that afford the highest profit promising.

Advantages at a glance*:

  • Minimum deposit amount of €6,000
  • No release, deposit or redemption fees
  • 100% capital guarantee
  • Return linked to performance of equities
  • Redemption at market value is possible without early redemption fee
  • Additional capital of €600 in case of death

If all conditions are met: 100% of the capital + return + early redemption

In the case that not all conditions have been met by the maturity date, you receive 100% of your invested capital back. Invest in the Primactiva Plus to increase and optimize your wealth in a target-oriented fashion.

We look forward to advise you on current conditions and to arrange for you your own personalized Primaactiva Plus offer.

Submit your enquiry through our online form or contact us to schedule a personal consultation.

*Benefits are subject to the insurance terms and conditions of AXA.

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