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Staying safe and healthy on your travels

Getting sick while traveling can be particularly annoying. Therefore, receiving the best possible medical treatment abroad without having to worry about the financial consequences is all the more important.

The insurance is valid worldwide for all your trips abroad and easy to arrange any time before your departure.

Our services:

  • Ambulance service
  • Transport charges in case of death
  • Costs of a caregiver
  • Premature home coming
  • Medical expenses (€ 12.000)
  • Extension of stay for the insured and their caregiver (€ 90 per day)
  • Delayed luggage (€ 150)
  • Theft and lost luggage (€ 600)
  • Damaged luggage (€ 600)
  • Liability insurance (€ 30.000)
  • Payments in case of disability (€ 30.000)
  • Payments in case of death (€ 30.000)

Use our online inquiry or take advantage of our team’s professional advice and let us make you a tailored offer.

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